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Property Regulations

Vacating - Please leave your storage room clean and swept out. Trash left behind will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of at the customer’s expense. Take the lock off of the door when you leave. Minimum stay is one paid month. If any balance is due at the time of move out, payment must be made with cash, money order or credit card.

Locks - PLEASE REMEMBER TO LOCK YOUR STORAGE ROOM. Your storage unit must be kept locked at all times. We have locks for sale in our office. Only you should have a key to your storage room. Please note that if a customer places two locks on their storage room door, we reserve the right to remove one of the locks at our discretion.

Trash - We do not provide for trash disposal. Please remove your trash and dispose of it yourself.

Office Hours and Kiosks - Office hours vary by location and season. Please contact a member of our staff for our most current office hours. Our 24 hour kiosks are available at select locations and are available to rent storage space, take payments, and purchase locks.

Website - For your convenience, our website contains valuable information in regards to our storage locations.

Do Not Store - Gasoline, propane tanks or anything else combustible and/or flammable. Do not store food or birdseed.

Check Payments - When paying by check or E-check, please be advised that there can be up to a 3 week waiting period for your payment to clearIn the event that your storage room is over-locked, we will remove the lock once the check has cleared. If your storage room is pending in the auction process, payments by check or e-check will not be accepted. You have the choice of paying by cash, money order, or credit card to gain access to your room immediately.

Gate Access Hours - Customers have access through our gate 365 days a year from 6:00AMto 9:30PM. For your convenience 24 hour access is available at an additional cost.

Electricity - The use of the electrical outlets on the storage property is prohibited.For your convenience, electrical use is available at an additional cost.

Speed Limit - For your safety and the safety of the visitors to our storage locations, we kindly ask that you do not exceed a speed of 5 MPH while driving through the property.

Loading & Unloading - To prevent damage to the storage buildings, we ask that while loading and unloading your belongings to and from your storage space, please do not back your vehicle up to the storage building. Please park parallel to the building at all times.

Smoking - Smoking is prohibited inside all of our storage buildings and spaces. We ask that when smoking, please stay outside and extinguish all smoking materials prior to entering a storage building or space.

Lock Cutting - On occasion, customers ask that we assist in cutting their lock in the event of a lost key or non-functioning lock. In this unfortunate event, only the occupant of the storage space is allowed to request this service. A photo ID is required as well as a signed Lock Cutting Authorization form. We will not perform a lock cut for anyone other than the occupant of the storage space.

Emergency - In the event of an after hours emergency on our property, please dial 911. Local authorities will not assist our customers with entering the property or their storage space.